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The Virtual Lecture Hall ( offers online CME programs to meet medical (physician) licensing requirements for communication, professionalism, and systems-based care.

These special licensing requirements include topics such as: medical errors prevention, medical ethics, risk management, patient safety, professional responsibility, cultural competency, pain management, infectious diseases (including HIV/AIDS), infection control, domestic violence, sexual assault, palliative medicine, end-of-life care, and universal precautions.

Our online CME programs meet almost all special state CME requirements:

  • We have a national focus.
  • We work closely with state regulators to monitor and comply with requirements.
  • We are continuously expanding our course library.

Our online CME courses are enjoyable:

  • We emphasize interactive, self-paced learning.
  • See how physicians rate and comment on our courses.
  • We have been successfully developing online CME since 1997.

Our site is convenient:

  • Everything is online and available 24/7.
  • We keep track of your progress. You can start and stop when you wish.
  • Specialty training is not necessary to participate in any program.
  • The courses will help you easily meet CME needs in topics related to communication, professionalism, and systems-based care.

Our CME programs are high quality:

  • We use an evidence-based approach.
  • All courses are reviewed and sponsored for CME credit by academic centers and professional societies.
  • The site is physician owned and supported by its subscribers.
  • All evaluations and comments are always available.
  • Our staff regularly publishes in the educational research literature. began providing online CME courses in May 1998. To date, physicians and other health professionals have earned 232,295 hours of CME credit at

The Virtual Lecture Hall is owned by the Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of The University of Arizona, for its College of Medicine-Tucson. The site does not accept advertisements and is supported primarily by fees from individual users and organizations that purchase site memberships. Some of our course development is supported by grants from federal agencies or health care organizations. does not offer CME courses supported by educational grants from pharmaceutical or device companies.

Published Research

The Virtual Lecture Hall is committed to improving medical education. We believe that truly interactive online education that is based on sound educational principles can be enjoyable and effective.

Our faculty have published studies demonstrating that well-developed, problem-oriented online CME can improve physician knowledge, attitudes, and skills in such diverse areas as cancer prevention and domestic violence. We have also shown that online CME developed in the US can directly benefit physicians in another country (the United Kingdom). We invite you to learn more about this work by viewing the abstracts below.

Available Articles

Article/Journal Date
The Physicians' Competence in Substance Abuse Test (P-CSAT): a multidimensional educational measurement tool for substance abuse training programs.
Drug and Alcohol Dependence

A reliable and valid self-administered survey to assess physician substance abuse knowledge and clinical decision-making skills.
May 2012
The growth, characteristics, and future of online CME
Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions

Online CME use is growing rapidly and is likely to be half of all CME consumed by practicing physicians within a few years.
March 2010
Promoting Free Online CME for Intimate Partner Violence: What Works at What Cost?
Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions

What are the promotional costs of attracting physicians to a free online CME program?
September 2009
Teaching culturally effective diabetes care: results of a randomized controlled trial
Family Medicine

Skills-based course on cultural competence, delivered via the Internet, is shown to be an effective educational strategy.
March 2009
Educating generalist physicians about chronic pain: live experts and online education can provide durable benefits
Pain Medicine

Online CME program can significantly improve physician pain management education. Results comparable to lectures by national experts.
February 2008
KnowPain-50: a tool for assessing physician pain management education
Pain Medicine

Self-administered survey to measure physician education in chronic pain reliably measures knowledge and attitudes.
February 2008
A community-based trial of an online intimate partner violence CME program
American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Randomized trial shows online CME program is effective in improving long-term IPV educational outcomes.
February 2006
A tool for measuring physician readiness to manage intimate partner violence
American Journal of Preventive Medicine

A 15-minute survey provides a comprehensive and reliable measure of physician preparedness to manage IPV patients.
February 2006
Women physicians are early adopters of on-line continuing medical education
Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions

Younger and female physicians are adopting online CME more rapidly than others.
October 2003
Can internet-based education improve physician confidence in dealing with domestic violence?
Family Medicine

2-credit CME program improves physician confidence in managing domestic violence.
April 2002
The internet and the globalisation of medical education
British Medical Journal

Skin cancer CME program provides effective, popular education for UK physicians.
November 2001
Can internet-based continuing medical education improve physicians' skin cancer knowledge and skills?
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Skin cancer CME program increases physician knowledge and confidence in skin cancer management.
January 2001
Using the internet to teach melanoma management guidelines to primary care physicians
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Online CME can improve physicians' ability to apply the ABCD rule to pigmented skin lesions.
May 1999

Offer Group CME

The University of Arizona College of Medicine can work with your professional organization to provide unbiased, state-of-the-art online educational programs for physicians, physicians in training, and other health professionals. If you would like to offer The Virtual Lecture Hall's programs, please contact us for further information. We can:

  • Create a customized Internet gateway for your users, including your logo and your preferred welcome message.
  • Feature particular courses or programs on your users' homepages.
  • Provide access to 24/7 online reports to gather data about your group's usage of the site.
  • Offer discounts for group purchases. (Please contact us for details using the form below.)

Benefits of Offering Programs

Online CME from provides many benefits to your organization:

  • Enhanced physician relationships – You are helping your physicians keep on top of their increasingly complex CME requirements.
  • Improved clinician knowledge and decision-making – Our programs have been shown in published studies to improve educational outcomes (Learn more).
  • Cost-Effectiveness – CME at costs only $25/credit and, depending on the approach you choose, you or your users can receive discounts based on your size.
  • Enjoyable Learning – All courses are interactive and easy to use. We encourage you to click on any course to see how physicians have rated their learning experience.

Please call or email to request an invoice for a group account. We can take payments for group invoices by check or online via credit card.

Contact Us
We will be happy to answer your questions. You can submit the form below or contact us at 800-874-2849 or at

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Become a Content Partner

The Virtual Lecture Hall® works with medical educators to market their online CME programs to practicing physicians. We set a new standard for CME by offering high-quality, cost-effective educational programs that are free from commercial influence. has provided high quality, commercial-free online CME to thousands of physicians since 1998. If you have an online CME program, we can discuss marketing it to our subscribers and sharing revenue with you.

Requirements for Virtual Lecture Hall CME

Programs on The Virtual Lecture Hall:

1. Are developed independently. They are not supported by grants from industry.
2. Present interactive, evidence-based, online medical education.
3. Are sponsored for CME credit by are sponsored for CME credit by an ACCME-accredited medical school.
4. Meet the educational needs of Virtual Lecture Hall users.

Experience in Marketing and Distributing Online CME works with a number of academic CME offices, so we know how to help you comply with ever-changing ACCME requirements and standards. We have full and secure e-commerce capabilities.

We will usually host your online CME programs on our server, but we can also link to them on your server. Our royalty arrangements depend on the amount of work required to present the CME program and whether we are the sole distributors of your program, in addition to any 1st party sites you may operate.

For more information, please contact us at 800-874-2849 or send an email to

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